CCFM for Ministry Teams & Church Leaders

The biggest frustration faced by pastors is the lack of real, meaningful change in the lives of people attending their churches. All too often, people with 20 years of Christian experience act like they only have one year they’ve just repeated 20 times.

This shouldn’t be.

But why is it so hard? Why do the statistics show that the rate of divorce, drug addiction, alcoholism, child abuse, sexual or porn addiction, and other afflictions; is that same for believers as it is for the rest of society? People believe, prayer the “sinner’s prayer” of salvation, but then seem to get “stuck” in the same old patterns of life with no meaningful transformation.

At CCFM, we believe the answer to this all-too-common problem is twofold:
1. Christians suffer from an identity crisis. The don’t know enough about who God is and thus lack an understanding of who THEY are in Christ.
2. Christians lack an understanding of truth of Jesus’ victory over Satan and how it relates to their Christian walk.

As taught by Dr. Neil T. Anderson, the “Steps to Freedom in Christ” are based on a confidence in ones state of salvation but also their identity in Christ. This provides confidence in the authority Christians have over darkness. Once someone comes to know and embrace this, they can submit to God and resist the Devil in several key areas of life where strongholds can arise thus retarding or eliminating growth in their life (See James 4:7-8).

If your ministry team wants better synergy in working together effectively as well as a spiritual freedom to function without distraction and constant spiritual attack, we can offer the following:

• Seminars and workshops on Christian identity in light of the nature of God.
• Coaching and training for facilitators and prayer partners desiring to help people process the “Steps to Freedom in Christ.”

• Books and materials by Dr. Neil Anderson, Richard Miller, Pastor Joel Rissinger, and others.

• As needed, one-on-one coaching and prayer support for some individual Christians wanting to be free from spiritual oppression, nagging thoughts, nightmares, habitual sins, and more.